Sydney Sinus & Allergy Centre



Dedicated to nose, sinus, allergy, snoring and voice disorders.



About us

The Sydney Sinus & Allergy Centre is a state of the art practise dedicated to the assessment and management of adult and paediatric ear nose and throat (ENT) disorders.

We have subspecialty interests in the comprehensive care of nose and sinus related disorders, snoring, voice and swallowing, as well as a broad range of diagnostic and management services for allergy.

We are dedicated to a holistic approach, working in a multidisciplinary environment and being able to offer the full spectrum of diagnostic and treatment paradigms from alternative therapies through to advanced surgical interventions allowing our patients access to a truly comprehensive service.

Sydney Sinus & Allergy centre understands the stress involved in attending any specialist medical practice at a time when you are under physical and often mental pressure as a result of your illness.


Contact us

Make an appointment on:
(02) 9362 5991

The greatest wealth is health - We invite you to experience the care and dedication of our team on your journey to better health.


We care.

We endeavour to make you as comfortable and relaxed as possible by offering numerous services, which can minimise the stress of attending a doctor. We provide:

  • A warm, friendly environment.

  • SMS reminders of your appointment and warnings if we are running excessively late.

  • Good communication with the referring physicians, so that they remain fully informed and can work closely with us.

  • Automated pathology and radiology systems* allowing our team to have immediate access to results even prior to reporting, minimising delays in results and ‘lost’ films.

  • Detailed, easy to understand, take home information sheets for patients.

  • Automated prescriptions and detailed drug information sheets on request.

  • HIC online services where we can submit your Medicare rebate for you and arrange for it to be transferred into your bank account.

  • Digital imaging allowing patients to record and monitor the progress of certain pathologies, with printouts available on request.

*not offered by all pathology/ radiology practises, please enquire at our office.


Our information for patients

We appreciate that patients can get overloaded with information during a consultation. We endeavour to provide easy to follow informative guides to assist you in getting better. Some of our patient forms and information sheets are available for download below, others will be provided to at the time of your consultation.


All the doctors at the Sydney Sinus & Allergy Centre are affiliated with Universities and teaching positions and are involved in ongoing research projects. We appreciate your understanding and assistance.

If you would like to know more about our research, please feel free to ask our staff. Summaries of current research projects will be available shortly.