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Resources for Patients and Health Care Professionals


For patients

Keeping well informed is vital. At the Sydney Sinus & Allergy Centre we appreciate that patients can get overloaded with information during a consultation. We endeavour to provide easy to follow informative guides to assist you in getting better. Some of these guides are available for download below, many others will be provided to at the time of your consultation.

For health care professionals

The internet offers an overwhelming collection of resources for the patient and medical practitioner alike. These resources vary from the ridiculous and the medically negligent right through to exceptional sites with comprehensive and freely available information. From a medical student right through to clinical consultant and educator I have scoured the internet trying to find sites of value.

Below are the links to the sites I find are great resources for health professionals interested in ear, nose, throat, voice, swallowing and Allergy. Please feel free to provide feedback to